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'Serving West Virginia for more than 80 years'

Documented photos and historical records reflect that in one form or another, aviation has played a role in1929 State Aircraft Photo providing air tranportation to the State of West Virginia since 1929.

The earliest photos from the state's archive shows then Governor Herman Kump, 1932-1937, standing proudly next to his pilot and a member of his executive protection unit while under the wing of the state owned Stinson airplane.

Since 1929 state aircraft, both airplanes and helicopters, have played a vital role in providing a mutlitude of services to both state government and its citizens.  Some of these missions for aviation include (but are not limited to) conducting:

  • Air transportation of state personnel
  • Air search and rescue
  • Aerial surveys
  • Aerial observation and regulatory oversight
  • Aerial Medivac, life support and missions of mercy
  • Aerial photography
Although the missions may vary, the purpose of having state aviation assets has not changed in more than 80 years: To enhance the efficiency and effectivenss of state government by providing safe, reliable, secure and professional air service to the Governor, all state agencies and the citizens of West Virginia.

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