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State of West Virginia
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502 Eagle Mountain Road
Charleston, WV 25311
Phone: (304) 558-0403
Fax: (304) 558-2171
Email: aviation@wv.gov

 Benefits of Air Travel

The Aviation Division can provide transportation to most locations in the State or across the nation.  One to two days travel by auto can be accomplished in one to two hours of flight.  Today's leading executives agree that time is their most valuable resource.  Air transportation is an important business tool to save time and maximize productivity of personnel.  This is certainly true of state government.  The state, by maintaining an Aviation Division, is able to move key personnel around the state, or anywhere in the country.  In many instances this is more efficient and cost effective than auto, commercial airline or charter service.

The Aviation Division can provide the following services:

  • Greater effectiveness in providing State employees with travel flexibility.
  • Access to travel points not served by commercial airlines
  • Travel time can be spent preparing for meetings, fine tuning presentations, or in private conference.
  • Indirect cost savings due to more efficient use of work time, and a reduction of out-of-office time and hotel expenses for personnel.
  • Reliable transportation, and dependability of known skilled maintenance and flight crews.
  • Capability for express air courier and emergency service.
Aviation Division pilots collectively possess more than 40,000 hours of flying experience.  Each pilot holds an Air Transport Pilot (ATP) rating, the same as required for a captain of any major US airline.

Our experienced aircraft maintenance chief holds an FAA certified Aircraft Inspector certificate.

Constant recurrent training is a priority to ensure we maintain the highest standards of aviation safety.  FlightSafety International and Bell Helicopter Academy currently supplies both flight and maintenance training.